• love to improve lives through design. Whether it is figuring out the right UX through iterative mockups or implementing beautiful designs, you live and breath interaction and art.
  • you’re happy adapting bootstrap with JavaScript and CSS, but you also dabble in ReactJS and or AngularJS, and you have experience working with JSON APIs
  • are comfortable working with GIT, and maybe the odd pull-request
  • can work independently, without constant guidance, but also willing to ask for help when it’s needed, and open to having their code reviewed, and reviewing the code of others, to both receive and give constructive feedback, to help everyone’s code improve
  • want to join a team spread over the entire world, although hopefully your are within ±6h of Central European Time.
  • can communicate efficiently using Slack and track your own projects using JIRA
  • are happy to break down your problems into smaller tasks and keep track of your time using harvest
  • want a freelance position with continuous hourly work
  • are not an agency.

Apply as Front End Developer