Newsletter Unsubscribe Forms and Why You Need Them

Newsletters are arguably one of the most controversial forms of communicating with your users. On one hand, a newsletter that is informative and relevant is unbeatable when it comes to improving your conversions. However, the secret is more about getting it just right. A person’s inbox is personal, and therefore tolerance is nearly zero. If […]

The Most Common E-Commerce Mistakes Part 1

It’s easy to think that installing WooCommerce or setting up a Shopify store will allow you to start selling immediately. Even having an agency do it for you won’t automatically make your endeavor a success. There are so many things to take into consideration when setting up an online store. Too many for just one […]

Which MailChimp Plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce to use?

MailChimp have developed their own WordPress and WooCommerce plugin. While it may seem like a good idea to use their free plugin, here is why not. Connecting MailChimp to your blog and/or online store is a very powerful tool. You may want to drive newsletter signups and automate your email correspondence. However, it is easy […]