Web Development & Design

Whether you are bringing your business into the web for the first time or relaunching your experience, we are here to create stunning sites that are oriented towards your business goals. We have had the pleasure to build everything from international multi-channel e-Commerce solutions to gorgeous websites.

  • Goals

    We will work with you to understand your business and its goals in order to form the main functions of your site. From the primary functions, we can derive your primary, secondary and tertiary call to actions (or CTA). For example: if you sell a product, your primary CTA should be to create a sale, a secondary one might be to get them to sign up to a newsletter and a tertiary would be to understand more about your products.

  • Information Architecture

    We assess your information architecture in order arrange the site in such a way that it aligns to your primary, secondary and tertiary call of action (CTAs). In doing so, we create paths of least resistance towards your business goals; guiding your visitors towards them with minimal friction and confusion.

  • Design & Brand

    From the Information Architecture we are able to formulate a custom design that matches your corporate brand. We are also able to fully provide you with a new brand identity complete with a philosophy that speaks to your “why”. We have designed everything from websites to logos to print media.

  • Coding

    We propose a solution that is low risk and maintainable and completely satisfies the requirements of a modern website. We use the popular and ubiquitous CMS WordPress platform in combination with the theme Enfold. This enables composing the website using a visual boxed layout, and can be adapted to suit any layout preferences. Our e-Commerce solutions are based on the popular WooCommerce plugin that is compatible to WordPress. We are very efficient at using the benefits of the WordPress platform to find out-of-the-box solutions and customize these to your exact specifications. If no such solution exists, we can build the necessary plugin for you.

  • Reachability & Traffic

    All our sites are fully optimized for speed, responsive, and search engines. Depending on your goals and strategy, we can help you bring traffic to your site using paid acquisition, social media and deeper search engine optimization (SEO).

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