Mobile App Development

We are passionate about creating the best mobile experience possible. Whether you are looking to create a prototype, MVP or know already what your app is going to be. We have experience in developing native applications for both Android and iOS, as well as rapid development in React Native. By using agile principles in the software development process and following Eric Ries’ “build-measure-learn” methodology, we are able to offer a dynamic, evidence based and evolving approach to software development.

  • Goals

    We will work with you to understand your business and its goals in order to form the main functions of your application.

  • Requirements Engineering

    We work with you to develop the requirements for your application so that your software does exactly what you need. By aiding you in defining your Minimal Viable Product (or MVP), we are able to deliver the application you need. All the great extras can have their true value derived from using the application.

  • Design & Brand

    Using rapid prototyping, wireframes and a deep knowledge of UX/UI design we are able to create applications that cross the rift between complexity and usability. We then apply your brand and design to fully integrate into your ecosystem.

  • Coding

    We propose a solution that is low risk and maintainable and completely satisfies the requirements of a modern mobile application. Depending on the goal of your project, we will either recommend native technologies or React Native.

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